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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jan 27 Guest: Scott Benesiinaabandan (Formerly Scott Stephens), Artist

Eat Your Arts and Vegetables Co - Hosts Aleem Khan and Derek Brueckner interviewed guest Scott Benesiinaabandan (above) who discussed his work as an artist, psychology and religious studies degree, his exhibition unSacred at Gallery 1C03 and his past years working at Urban Shaman. Scott also discussed ideas regarding the Windigokaan in relation to Anishinabe culture and as an image represented in his exhibition unSacred at Gallery 1C03The unSacred exhibition by Scott Benesiinaabandan is part of the parallel programming for the multi venue Close Encounters exhibition. Scott is one of approximately 50 artists participating in the Close Encounters exhibition. 

 (Stephens) "(un)sacred clown" digital print on photo rag mounted on stretched canvas, 50 x 40 inches 2010

Download Podcast of Jan 27 Show with Guest Scott Benesiinaabandan: 
(Scott Benesiinaabandan interview recorded for 0:00 to 17:00 minutes on Podcast)

Jan 27 Guests: Dawn Knight, Poet, Artist and Educator and Aaron Simm, Poet and Musician

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jan 20 Guest: Jeff Gibson, Brooklyn, NY, Painter and Sculptor

Eat Your Arts and Vegetables Co - Hosts Aleem Khan and Derek Brueckner interview guest Jeff Gibson (above) who discussed his work The Future is Present, 2011 (images below) 15 feet long x 6 feet high x 4.5 feet wide showing at Plug In ICA as part of the multi venue Close Encounters exhibition. Jeff is one of approximately 50 artists participating in the Close Encounters exhibition. Jeff discussed his views regarding the historical and cultural significance of the Close Encounters exhibition, his take on the Winnipeg art community, and his perspective on some of the differences in ideas between indigenous contemporary art practices in Canada and the US.

Jan 20 Guest: Talia Pura, Actor, Playwright, Aerial Dancer, Filmmaker and Educator

Eat Your Arts and Vegetables Co - Hosts Aleem Khan and Derek Brueckner interview guest Talia Pura who discussed her play Harriet Bosse, which Talia has written and is also directing and performing (see performance dates and times below) Harriet Bosse is part part of the StrindbergFest. As well Talia also discussed the ACI (Arts and Culture Industries) mentorship program which is a local youth mentorship program in the Arts.

Download Podcast of Jan 20 Show with Guest Talia Pura:

(Talia Pura interview recorded for 0:00 to 19:30 minutes on Podcast )

Theatre on TAP
Ellice Theatre, 587 Ellice Avenue

Photo by William Pura

Strindberg met actress Harriet Bosse when she was 22 and he, 52. She became his muse and third wife, but they parted within a year. Her life had barely begun, but he wished to rule it from the vantage point of 30 years of bitter experience. Yet something drew her back, first in body, then only in spirit. She understood that their love could only flourish from a safe distance. Nevertheless, he wrote roles for Harriet that allowed her to blossom on stage: Indra’s daughter in The Dream Play, Judith in The Dance of Death and Eleonora in Easter.
In this solo drama, Harriet paints a vivid portrait of their lives together and relives the roles he created for her.

Written, directed and performed by Talia Pura.

Wed Jan 26 7:30PM
Thu Jan 27 7:30PM
Fri Jan 28 7:30PM
Sat Jan 29 7:30PM
Sun Jan 30 7:30PM
Wed Feb 2 7:30PM
Thu Feb 3 7:30PM
Fri Feb 4 7:30PM
Sat Feb 5 7:30PM

Wheelchair accessible
Capacity 230

Box Office Information
Tickets $10.00

At the Door Cash/StrindbergPass. Box Office opens 1 hour prior to showtime.

In Advance To reserve tickets, call 467-2324 or e-mail talia.pura@qkstream.com.